Say it is so, I get to say “I Told You So”

17 Sep

Okay, I’ve been really good and kept my mouth shut since Obama entered the White House. He was still a democrat, although definitely not my pick, and I did/do want the best for my country. I have watched the first couple years play out while biting my tongue; similar to how my liberal friends are embarrassed to show their disappointment.

I have had a sticker on my fridge since the primaries that says it best, “Dare to hope, prepare to be disappointed” with an Obama logo in the O of hope.

I am well prepared for this and don’t even have a tinge of surprise that Hillary’s approval ratings have been higher than Obama’s for months.

In the latest study, we have 34% of voters believing that country would be better off with her in charge.

The Bloomberg survey released Friday showed 34 percent of those questioned said America would be superior under a Hillary Clinton administration, while 47 percent said it would be about the same and 13 percent said it would be worse.

Damn straight, I bet you all wish we could go back to 2008.




Obama’s Attempt at Winning over the Mamas: The View (live blogging)

29 Jul

Photo Credit: ABC

Alright I have been pretty mum on Obama since he was inaugurated. I would say I was still bitter about Hillary but as I learned when I went to Denver…I am not bitter, I am just better. The thing is that he won and obviously I want the best for him and my country. We are a year and a half in and Hillary’s approval ratings now trump his.  Now I hold back an “I told you so” grin from my liberal friend that the hope did not pan out for.

I have had a season pass (on Tivo) to The View since Lisa Ling’s first day and rarely miss an episode. Baba Wawa always reminds me of my grandma and feels like family. I have met her in real life and she is quite possibly the most soft spoken person I have ever met. I have missed her so much since her surgery and today is the day of her return.

Oh and to tie it together it is the first time a sitting President is on a daytime talk show….so here it goes. Let’s see if he can win over the ladies on the couch with him and at home.

10:01 They just announced the “Red, White, and View.” Gag.

10:04 Barbara promised that she will show us her scar in September. *fingers crossed*

Super short intro and straight to commercial, Obama when they return.

10:08 Barbara’s boobs look huge. Sherri just squealed, “Hi, Mr. President.” Barbara just started by mentioning his recent beatings: oil, racism and that he is on a talk show. He chuckled and said, “I wanted to pick a show Michelle actually watched.” I get it, he is being light and friendly. I find it condescending to women, stating that she thinks news shows are kind of boring.

10:13 Obama: It hasn’t been tough on me. It is hard on the American people. I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about me. I worry about them. *Clapped in my head*

10:14 Joy, we get it. We know you are on his side. In fact, you want to be on your back for him.

10:15 Obama: Politics isn’t a bean bag, it is a contact sport. *rolled eyes* Really, Obama, a bad sports analogy on The View.

10:17 Elisabeth is trying to act official. Bringing it back to the country. We haven’t forgot that you used to design shoes and then you were a Survivor contestant. Fox News may have embraced you but no serious journalist ever would.

10:19 WTF Obama?!!? Why can’t you PERSONALLY apologize to Sherry Sherrod. Don’t say some people in your administration jumped to conclusions…apologize.

10:21 Obama: There is still a reptilian part of our brain.

10:22 Barbara: Why don’t you say you are a biracial President?

For the last few answers Obama has gone all kumbaya-y

-Commercial Break-

10:28 Obama just wanted to state that he had less grey hair in the clip then he has now. BFD Presidency ages everyone.

10:29 Poor Rhode Island, not only does the state have 12% unemployment, they also have Elisabeth stating that it is her home state.

10:30 Obama is a hero. He saved jobs. McCain’s people even said so. The election is over, Obama, there is no need to drop in McCain’s name.

10:33 Obama has gambling advice. Don’t bet against America. We will get our “mojo” back

10:34 Obama: war is tough. He just gave Wiki leak a plug. Ha, that’s punny. And, Obama once again over-pronounced Pak-ee-st-ahn

-commercial break-

10:42 Obama know Lindsay is in jail. Won’t answer whether Mel Gibson needs anger management but said he hasn’t seen a Mel Gibson movie in years. Well duh, he hasn’t made a movie in years. He claims he doesn’t know who Snookie is….LIAR! GTL!

10:44 He doesn’t tweet. Has a Blackberry, hasn’t made an iPhone switch. He says he has a pod (iPod) with Jay Z, Frank Sinatra, but no Bieber.

10:45 He wasn’t invited to Chelsea’s wedding…ha ha. Oh Payback, he said we probably won’t be invited to Sasha and Milia’s wedding.

This was by far the best segment.

-commercial break-

10:50 Whoopi has announced that Obama has yet to walk on water. Although the way Joy is clapping makes me think that she doesn’t know that.

10:53 Barbara: Does it bother you that your ratings are so low? Obama: I can show that I had higher ratings than Reagen and Clinton at this period in time. *eye roll*

Obama gave Barbara a 2 handed handshake and Joy got a 1 handed handshake and a pat on the shoulder.

Interview is over. Beginning was boring. This is a talk show so the only thing people will talk about are his answers to the pop culture questions. Makes sense, when it comes to real issues he talks in cliches and circles…like almost every other politician. He is still smug as hell, which is why I can’t stand him, but I am sure he just won over some mamas.

Feminism Today: In the wee mornin’ hours

17 Feb

After coming home last night, exhausted after being at school for 10 hours, I turned on the heat to full blast and curled up in bed reading both Barbara Walter’s Biography (she signed mine for me) and afterwards opening up and rereading a chapter in Betty Friedan’s “Feminine Mystique”. I am a View loyalist and an admirer of Baba Wawa’s and knew that she was famous for saying, that women “can’t have it all — a great marriage, successful career, and well-adjusted children — at least not at the same time.” However, I just happened to read that sentence in her book last night and it got me thinking. I then thought about the Feminine Mystique where it mentions “the problem that has no name” and read that chapter. Unfortunately, none of this is as outdated as I want it to be.

I mean I have it pretty good. I am getting my MBA, starting a new business, in a healthy relationship, good friends, plans on most weekends, seeing the world, eating gourmet food, and I am satisfied (although not complacent). I am still very dissatisfied in the world I live in. This last election shocked my core and changed almost all of my feelings on gender equality and the portrayl of women in the media. I am a changed woman and as Gloria Steinem points out, “…Even the sexist heckling at Clinton rallies and the negative treatment from cable television hosts had had a positive effect in opening the eyes of a younger generation of women to sexism. ‘Lots of women in their 20s and 30s were shocked and appalled,’ said Steinem. ‘It awoke them to a problem that they thought had been solved.'”

I have used this quote before because it is so true to me. The “Iron my shirt!” comments at the rallies and pretty much everything Obama and the media did in the primaries made me sick. I feel uncomfortable, shaken, and woken up. I have always loved books on feminism but never thought they were relevant anymore; I was wrong.

Anyway, I went to bed with a heavy head and heart. I awoke at 4 am in a deep sweat. This time it was from my heater and not like last night when in my dream my ex boyfriend was trying to kill me. It was the ex boyfriend that I had found out earlier that day was going to have a baby. One advantage to being a female: you never have to wonder if the baby is yours.

After turning off the heater and undressing, I began reading blogs and discovered the conference that was just held.

I felt really empowered to see all that is being done:

The last picture on activist bloggers was of particularly interest to me. I found what The Feminist Underground had to say, about the conference and bloggers, to be right on point:

Feminist organizations should treat major bloggers the same way Senators treat newspaper columnists. Let’s face it, a lot of the issues that non-profits want to explain are complicated.

I don’t know, I am sleep deprived but I am really thinking. Anyway, I joined BlogHer and feel as though a movement may be happening (no not of the bowel variety).

As Women Stake notes:

After all, as a presenter from the National Women’s History Museum proclaimed in the first session of the day, “We speculate that Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony would be big-time bloggers today.”

Alright I am going to try and get some sleep and see if any of this makes sense when I wake up again in a couple of hours.

Inauguration Frustration

21 Jan

To be honest it really isn’t frustration, other than I feel nothing and that is frustrating. I am completely unattached and unmoved. As someone who is passionate about politics, it is so bizarre for me not to care. This is neither my victory nor my loss. I am not enraged as I was with George Dubya, then I rocked a “Not my President” button, blasted Bands Against Bush cds, and would shake my finger at any driver with a Bush sticker. This time I am happy for people that are celebrating but I am just not one of them. I was extremely involved in this election; I went to Denver, I went to rallys, donated money, and I made phone calls to registered voters in other states. However, I did that for Hillary. She was my candidate, when she spoke I knew that there were measurable actions behind her words. Obama has always been a figure that I just don’t get. I want to swoon and believe his every word, but I don’t and never did. I am the perfect demographic to love Obama but perhaps I have no hope or faith or whatever the current buzzword is, but I can’t trust the unknown. I lost this election and in my heart I feel like America did too.

But here we are. Hopefully, he can win me over with his actions and I will eventually see what everyone else sees in him. I am very hesitant but I want him to be successful, we all need it. Anyway, he has an awesome SOS aka Foreign President to help him out.

Okay enough with the seriousness here are my Top 3 Inauguy Moments:

3. Justice Roberts f-ing up the Oath (or the oaf as Feinstein said) of Office for Obama.

2. The rhyming of colors by Rev Lowry:

“We ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around…”

“When yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen.”

Good thing people are not purple or orange much too difficult to rhyme with. It lightened the mood and took me back to the day of grade school rhymes.

***Drum Roll Please***

1. The number one moment of the Inauguration is when Dick Cheney was rolled out in the wheelchair because he hurt his back moving boxes into his new house. Come on, the guy is ancient, has a fake heart, and he owns Iraq surely he could have hired someone to do that for him. There is just something hilarious about having to be rolled out of office.

What I have wanted to say but haven’t said…

22 Nov

Ok here it is, when I look at this picture I want either Hillary or I to elbow him in the nose

I started this blog entry as soon as the nomination was becoming inevitable. When visiting my hometown of Santa Cruz all I heard was, “Aren’t you so excited about the new President Elect?” My answer was always the slightly aggressive, “I am happy about the Secretary of State” and would walk away leaving the questioner puzzled. The truth is that is all I could muster because I still feel devastated. Perhaps I have personalized it because I feel as though I have lost and I never lose. However, it is really so much deeper than that my whole reality that democrats are the good and fair guys and that sexism is something that ended long before the time I got around to reading Naomi Wolf and Gloria Steinem. I am learning that the fairytale that Bill so correctly described about the Obama mania also refers to my previously upheld beliefs.

I feel silly talking about this a month after the election but I still feel it so strongly. I have big feelings. The only reason I am back to this entry and writing about this is because I read something that really resonated with me and I just had an identical conversation with someone last night (12/3).

Consolation Prize
by Taggles of the Confluence

It has been no secret to anyone who knows me personally, through family, work, friends and even sometimes complete strangers that I supported Hillary Clinton for President of the United States in 2008. It is also has never been a secret with any of them my complete outrage at the DNC’s for it’s treatment and the media’s sexist and misogynistic treatment of Hillary. Many times, both men and women looked down upon my truth telling. Sometimes, people got the point and understood. Mostly though, it was chalked up as politics. They wondered if I understood that. Which really pissed me off, because of course I understood it was politics. What they failed to recognize is that it wasn’t just politics as usual, it was sexist politics. I did my best to relate all the truth, through facts regarding the disparate treatment of Hillary and Sarah. I was looked at by many as a woman who was emotional and ready to blame all men for the ills of society. That I saw sexism lurking behind every corner and every comment and that I was reaching to make the point. Then I would get even more pissed because that denial by them of cold hard facts was sexist in itself. I haven’t given up on pointing it out where ever I can. I still argue, converse and try to get people to see it. They still think I am an over emotional, paranoid freak. A feminazi.

So it has been just about a month to the day of the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States. Now, most people want to know how I feel about Hillary being selected as Secretary of State. They seem very pleased with it and want to know if I am pleased as well. Like after all my bitching and moaning, Hillary finally got her due, her consolation prize, aren’t I finally happy? Wasn’t it wonderful of Obama to pick her? He put all that nastiness of the primary season behind him. Can’t I just forget what happened from January through August and be happy for Hillary and stop with all the sexist bullshit. This selection of Hillary should make me extremely happy. Well, not quite.

I am pleased that Hillary has an opportunity to do something she wants to do, and I am sure she will do a damn fine job as Secretary of State. I am pleased for the country because I know she can handle the position. That is politics. But that is no consolation for anything that happened during the primaries of 2008. Please make no mistake about it. I will not shut up about what happened this year because Hillary was picked as Secretary of State. I wish people would stop trying to make me accept the consolation prize. I reject it. I cringe when people ask me how I feel about it because they think I should feel great about it. That it makes everything else ok. In just asking the question of me they are pointing out to me that sexism isn’t as bad as I thought. They just don’t get it. It is no consolation. It addresses nothing that happened in the primaries. It is only used to try to help me forget what happened. Sorry to say, I won’t forget! Everyone will just have to listen to me point out sexism where it lurks, where it is in your face and when you can barely see it. I’m still pissed everyone. Sorry family, friends and co-workers and some strangers.

In fact, I am pretty sure the term femanazi was directed at me in my conversation last night.

Anyway, don’t forget to vote for The Top 10 Sexist/Mysogynistic Events of 2008

The Grossest Pig EVAH

20 Nov

I watched Christopher Hitchens on Larry King (tonight) and Chris Matthews (last week) and I find him to be the most repulsive thing ever. He is vile. What a disgusting man. Any woman that touches him deserves the eye burning from seeing that man naked.

I have seen his book “God is not Great” on bookshelves and laughed at the title and debated buying it. I am now so grateful I didn’t, once I heard that man open his mouth I threw up a little in mine.

I should probably not post public threats but I want to kick him in the throat. I would post a video of him but I have tainted this entry enough with his picture.

I guess I should just laugh him off but I just read his article on “Why Women Aren’t Funny”.

Apparently I am not that much of a Crazy Feminist

20 Nov

GenderAnalyzer which uses Artificial Intelligence to determine if a blog is written by a male or female says…..

We guess is written by a man (56%), however it’s quite gender neutral.

Ha, take that!

I still have not forgiven my Tivo for not recording Barbara Walter’s Special last week on what makes a man and what makes a woman.

Last year, I took a Future Studies class and did a presentation on the future of gender roles and used clips from “Tell Me You Love Me”, the leave Britney alone guy, deconstruction is sexy, and yes the famous pregnant man -who guess what is pregnant again.